So after a host of pc problems that robbed me of my weekend, I’m finally able to continue on with my re-discovering of the category that used to give me nightmares. Photogenic Spots. Now that I’m a few posts in on this blog I wanted to share a couple of my rules that I go by when I’m exploring and taking photos. I only take pictures on sims that have their own windlight and I will only use that windlight. If the creator has put in the time and effort to create their own, I’m not the kind of person to slap them in the face and say “No, that sucks. This one looks better.” Granted for fashion purposes, yes change the WL but for landscape, NO! If I see another sim photo on Flickr and go “oh, that place looks neat” and then I go there and it looks nothing like the photo, I’d be pissed. Just sayin’. Ok, done with my rant now.

Tonight I visited the quaint land of Duet. This place might have it all. Not only are there some great places to take pictures, but when you join the group (for only 20L!) you can not only rez your prims but also set your home there. And there’s a nice little freefall experience as well. And for a person who in real life is deathly afraid of falling, that’s pretty fucking cool. Also if you’re looking to make a few extra L’s then just whore your profile out a bit and add Duet into you’re picks for a chance to win $500L.

Duet4 Duet2 Duet3 Duet5




For the longest time whenever I browse the Destination Guide I’d always skip Photogenic Spots. You would think that category would be a bloggers wet dream but really (and tell me if I’m wrong) you would only find The Grand Canyon and some old Japanese sim. Which to be quite honest, much like a real life tourist trap, it’s littered with pose balls, riders, and out of date avatars. *shudders* But I took a chance today and was pleasantly surprised to see a slew of new additions. So for the next few posts I wanted to do my best and showcase the new selection for all my fellow explorers and photographers. Check out the photos below of Leka. And don’t be thrown off when you first land, it may look like just another coastal sim but there are a few hidden surprises along the way.

I'm not sure if they hold performances, but would love to find out.

I’m not sure if they hold performances, but would love to find out.






JUNK4 Junk is celebrating their 2nd anniversary with a brand new sim and photography contest.  Until 10am on August 8th, you can submit only one picture to their flickr group and fill out the corresponding form found here. First, second and third places winners will win a cash prize of 10k, 5k, and 3k respectively. Submissions must be taken on the new sim (obviously) and photo editing is allowed.Junk1 Junk2

Slaughter Creek Manor

The horror begins...

The horror begins…

Full disclaimer: I about pissed myself walking through this. I’m one of those people fascinated by horror and the macabre, but really I’m a big old pussy. I couldn’t make it past the first 5 minutes of Scream, and I have to close my eyes while watching the gory parts of some of my favorite shows like Daredevil and Game of Thrones.

However seeing as how there is daylight in my timezone right now I took the chance and wondered over to the newly renovated Slaughter Creek Manor owned by Niesa Kesslinger. Upon landing, there is an emergency survival kit you can pick up for free which includes a notecard full of history behind the property and a teddy bear to carry for protection. Make sure to turn on media & sounds and set your windlight to Midnight. All photos have been taken with ultra graphics and unedited.


One of the creepiest sounds in the world to me is haunted children’s music whether it just be instrumental or the singing. And that’s exactly what you’ll get here along with the sounds of crows. I’m not really sure which is worse, I had to turn them both off before I even went inside. Each room is decorated and meticulously detailed for the ultimate fright. From a dinner gone wrong to a poltergeist in the children’s room.



Ready to start the nightmare?

P.S. Leave the kiddies at home.

Slaughter6 Slaughter5

Lick It


The McFly Project – Step into the past and explore the world that once was and find your way in to the future. Just be careful to watch your step along the way.

In all honesty although I thought this sim was stunning and visually striking, I feel I was mislead by the description in the Destination Guide. It conjured up memories for me from when I first read Ray Bradbury’s short story “A Sound of Thunder.” However what I got was a “historic” carnival, an underwater cave and some kind of Japanese futuristic ending. Where’s the story? Where’s the flattened butterfly in my path? Where’s the incomprehensible letters and words to make me realize that the present/future had changed because of my actions?

Well fuck it, regardless of the actual point behind this place, it’s still worthy of a teleport in my book for some fun photos. Head on over there yourself and check it out.