So after a host of pc problems that robbed me of my weekend, I’m finally able to continue on with my re-discovering of the category that used to give me nightmares. Photogenic Spots. Now that I’m a few posts in on this blog I wanted to share a couple of my rules that I go by when I’m exploring and taking photos. I only take pictures on sims that have their own windlight and I will only use that windlight. If the creator has put in the time and effort to create their own, I’m not the kind of person to slap them in the face and say “No, that sucks. This one looks better.” Granted for fashion purposes, yes change the WL but for landscape, NO! If I see another sim photo on Flickr and go “oh, that place looks neat” and then I go there and it looks nothing like the photo, I’d be pissed. Just sayin’. Ok, done with my rant now.

Tonight I visited the quaint land of Duet. This place might have it all. Not only are there some great places to take pictures, but when you join the group (for only 20L!) you can not only rez your prims but also set your home there. And there’s a nice little freefall experience as well. And for a person who in real life is deathly afraid of falling, that’s pretty fucking cool. Also if you’re looking to make a few extra L’s then just whore your profile out a bit and add Duet into you’re picks for a chance to win $500L.

Duet4 Duet2 Duet3 Duet5


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